At Carpet Cleaner London we pride ourselves with years spent in research, development and improvement and accumulating a lot of experience and knowledge, which allows us to design and use a very effective and gentle to the fabrics at the same time upholstery cleaning strategy as well as rug cleaning methods. We merely perfected the already existing, successful and time-proven upholstery cleaning techniques in order to create a new generation system, which removes even the most stubborn stains and dirt in a flash, saving you (and also us) time and energy and not damaging the soft structure of fabrics at the same time.

If you are familiar with upholstery cleaning and maintenance and you already have tried to remove the stubborn stains from your upholstered furniture pieces, curtains, rugs, even mattress cleaning, etc. and to sanitise them to perfection, you already know this is not the easiest thing and you have to keep a lot of things in mind – how to approach the dirt, how to save the fabrics and not damaging them, how to add protection and to make upholstery look more vibrant and fresh, how to sanitise and get rid of the bacteria and so on. In order to save you the experience with this intensive and not always successfully resulting job, we offer a very best and high quality professional and thorough upholstery cleaning service in London for all domestic and commercial clients in the area!

Powerful upholstery cleaning for best results

Why we believe that our upholstery cleaning system is the most efficient and successful in London and in general? The method we use consist of injecting very powerful cleaning agents, which are completely safe and non-toxic in the same time, in the upholstery and then extracting them along with all the dirt and bacteria accumulated, without leaving a soapy or sticky residue, neither a wet upholstery that needs a lot of time to get dry. In general, soapy residues work as a magnet for dirt and dust and you will end up with a dirty and messy upholstery sooner than you have ever expected! This system creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans and sanitises in a gentle and safe way.

Taking care of your clean and healthy home

In order to ensure upholstery in perfect condition for a long period of time, the cleaning and sanitising effect we provide is very long-lasting and also we add some additional protection. With upholstered furniture pieces experiencing a lot of wear and tear daily and some other issues, preserving the condition of yours is a very important aspect of our job. By creating a water and dirt barrier on the surface of the upholstered pieces we can be sure you will enjoy them in a flawless look and condition for a very long period of time! We understand pretty well that you may have some additional questions about our upholstery cleaning service that is available in London and we would be more than happy to be able to help you with advice and our expert and professional opinion. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and request additional information!