Carpet Cleaner London is recognised as a very reliable and trustworthy professional rug and carpet cleaning company in London and we are more than happy to enjoy this great reputation and all the loyalty of our customers and clients. But what makes us even happier and prouder than that is the fact that we are able to help our domestic and commercial clients in London. Believe it or not, we have spent years of practice and accumulating experience and knowledge with one single mission and goal – to be as helpful as possible.

Our motivation reflects in the services we offer in London, including rug and upholstery cleaning treatment and maintenance. We know very well that rug maintenance is not one of those weekly or monthly choruses and household duties you always have time, energy and enthusiasm to deal with. In fact, treating and washing rugs, runners and mats could very time-consuming and detailed job that requires specific skills, tools and high-quality products you cannot buy in your local supermarket. In addition, washing rugs by yourself could sometimes turn into a total fail, when you don’t have the needed preparations and skills because rugs have this specific and delicate structure that needs caution and attention to details for perfect results. On another hand, keeping your rugs and mats clean and sanitised is crucial for their condition and for the overall condition of the indoor environment.

Professional cleaning tailored to your needs

Rugs, mats, runners and carpets are usually the first to get dirty at home, or at the workplace. After all, they are exposed to aggressive impact daily that occurs their condition and look quickly, leading to rugs getting dirty faster, quicker wear and tear and major accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, allergens and bacteria. All this is often causing a very unhealthy indoor environment since there is naturally nor enough ventilation and enough fresh air. The situation gets worst during winter even more, because when the time gets cold, we rarely keep windows open for fresh air to come in. And then dust and debris get easily trapped between the fibres of the rugs and stays there for… well, forever, if you don’t make sure you have a professional cleaning service on hand. Carpet Cleaner London’s rug cleaning service is designed to clean and sanitise all rugs, mats and runners to perfection by removing all the debris and stubborn stains and then improve the look and condition, adding fresh smell and great colour contrast and also additional protection with a long-lasting effect.

Eco-friendly cleaning suppliers and experienced professionals

Using a special hot water extraction system from a new generation we can guarantee great results even with only one treatment. Our rug cleaning service usually takes up to a couple of hours and it is very stress- and hassle-free experience. Once we are done cleaning your rug, we leave it amazingly looking and almost ready for use. Thanks to the advanced system and methodology we work according to, there is no sticky or soapy residue left and the drying time is significantly reduced, so you can enjoy your better-than-new carpet in a few hours. Be sure to get in touch whenever you need some professional help in London.