Professional mattress cleaning along with carpet and upholstery cleaning are among the most popular cleaning services and treatment people in London are interested in. In fact, mattress cleaning is also one of the most important and essential services available in our branch. Do you know when we say that a house or a workplace is a healthy indoor environment? It is when all carpets and mattresses are perfectly clean and sanitised. It is because dust, dirt and debris easily accumulate in carpet, upholstery, curtains and mattresses, but are not that easy to notice and get rid of.

And while you believe your upholstered furniture pieces, curtains and mattresses are in good condition and fairly clean, meanwhile bacteria and allergens are trapped down between the fibres of the fabrics and causing the unhealthy indoor environment. Total cleanliness and disinfection are crucially important, especially for mattresses since you are usually in direct contact with it and this means direct contact with bacteria and allergens, which can lead to some skin conditions and diseases like asthma and so in the worst situation and you definitely don’t want that!

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Now, how to prevent mattresses accumulating dirt and allergens? It is as easy as that, simply hire professional mattress cleaning service every now and then and that would be just enough for maintaining a good and healthy condition. We at Carpet Cleaner London offer a very thorough and precise mattress treatment that gives perfect results with 100% quality guarantee! How our mattress cleaning and disinfection system is working? It is simple, but very effective and adds a long-lasting effect and protection.

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Almost the same method as carpet and curtains deep cleaning, we inject a mixture of hot water, that kills bacteria and allergens and very powerful, yet gentle disinfecting and sanitising agents that neutralise dirt. Then quickly the water with products is extracted together with all the dust and debris and you are left with perfectly sanitised mattress for the longest time. In addition, our disinfecting system guarantees not only fresher look and smell and long-lasting effect, but also adds protection. The benefits of this method are that there is not sticky or soapy residue left and the drying time is significantly reduced than with other methods and techniques.

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Other benefits and advantages that you are going to experience if you hire our professional, experienced and knowledgeable team in London is perfect organisation, flexible working schedule to fit your busy schedule, lifestyle and needs, very polite attitude and respect to your own requirements, desires and needs, a thorough and detailed approach tailored and focused on your own project and more. Our mattress cleaning service brings a lot of comfort and convenience in your home, it is hassle-free and we try to minimise the disruption to your day-to-day life and lifestyle as much as possible. You can be sure to point to us all the trouble areas and stains you are very concerned about and we will make sure to find the best solution possible to the issues. Be sure to contact us whenever you need a really professional and thorough mattress cleaning in London and even in more stressful situations like when end of tenancy cleaning is required!