In today’s article we are going to share with you everything you need to know about cleaning and caring for leather, microfiber and fabric furniture. Upholstery cleaning tends to be one of the biggest issues and questions from our readers. In fact, upholstery cleaning is a pretty controversial topic. Do you need professional upholstery cleaning help, or you can do it by yourself? All we can say is that it pretty much depends on the situation.

While some dirt and dust are very easy to be removed from your upholstered furniture pieces made from different types of fabrics and materials, there are, of course, certain spots and debris that needs some professional treatment. Sometimes the situation requires neglecting your dignity of a perfect housewife and see the situation the way it is and that you better hire professional and experienced specialists to deal with the issue, instead of wasting your time and even worse – damaging your upholstered furniture. Otherwise, there are many ways to take everyday care of upholstery and fabrics around the house and today we are going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to achieve impressive results and improve upholstered furniture all by yourself.

So, how about furniture cleaning and freshening? It doesn’t take too long for stains and dirt from all types to mar the surface of your furniture and usually, it doesn’t take too long to remove all the dirt. Simply pay attention to a few important aspects and everything would be alright!

Start with removing all cushions and pillows, because the first thing you want to do is remove all those larger crumbs and odds and then vacuum every nook and corner. It will be the best if your vacuum machine has an upholstery attachment, if not, don’t worry, you are going to accomplish this task with your standard attachment also. Make sure it is clean, before you start with the general cleaning, otherwise you risk spreading all dirt and dust all over your furniture piece. Lint roller comes in handy too, especially if you have pets at home.

Before starting anything drastic, we suggest to check out the manufacturer’s recommendations and do a little research. This will orientate you better on what to do next. Leather, especially darker, is really good at hiding the dirt and grime, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t build ups, although you may not see them. Fortunately, leather is also easy to clean and wipe off the dirt, all you have to use is the simple cleaner with two ingredients – 1 teaspoon castile soap and 1 cup of warm water. This is it, easy, affordable and very safe. If you want to add additional shine, be sure to work in olive oil in small sections and then dry them out quickly with hairdryer.

Microfiber is another popular material used for upholstered furniture. Microfiber is very durable, however, it attracts dirt, dust and stains. Check out with the manufacturer if you can wash the slipcovers, this will save you a lot of time. Otherwise, use 4-8 ounces rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle that you can work in with sponge with a scrubbing surface and bristled cleaning brush. Work in small sections and concentrate on the arms, sides and back where dirt accumulates the most.

Upholstered fabric is very beautiful and surprisingly not that hard to clean and freshen up if you use the cleaning solution we recommend to you. Simply mix 2 teaspoons castile soap with ¼ cup warm water and dab on stains with a damp cotton cloth. Once the stains are removed, use a clean cloth for removing the residue and you are good to go! Stay tuned for more topics you may be interested in like carpet cleaning and stain removal!