Moving out the house can be a pretty overwhelming, intensive and stressful experience that not many of us are ready for. First of all, moving out of your house is always bonded to moving into a new house, which is a whole new experience as well. There are many things you have to think of, be aware of, get prepared for, focus on and… well, we know that you get the idea that moving out the house is a long, a really looong list of chores, tasks and priorities.

Maybe because of that end of tenancy cleaning can be often found at the bottom of this list if it is added to the list after all. Of course, end of tenancy sounds like wasting precious time considering the fact that you have to think of hundred and more other things that should be done, but this is really not the point. First of all, leaving your home in good condition, or at least a decent one is your responsibility. You wouldn’t enjoy moving into a home in really poor condition, right? Second of all, most of the tenancy contracts with landlords and estate agencies will simply require that from you. So, here are our top tips and tricks for when you are moving house and need a good strategy and organisation in order to make the most of less time!

Two months before moving out

First of all, let us say that planning ahead and doing things in advance will save you a lot of time and energy. Don’t let things for the last minute, if you have the chance to do them earlier. Start with finally doing the cleaning purge of your home. Throw away everything that you don’t want or don’t need in your new home, say goodbye to all the sentimental value stuff that will keep you in the past when you need a fresh new start. You can also start storing in boxes everything you want to take with you, but don’t need right at the moment like seasonal clothing, Christmas decoration, etc. Getting rid of as much as you can save up a significant amount of time later on when you start wrapping all your stuff. If you can, use this time to take measures of your new home and consider what will fit and what can be sold/donated/thrown away (for big objects and furniture).

Six weeks before moving out

Do you have some food and beverage storages you don’t want to take from one place to another? Start using them, start using everything you have collected and it waits for its time to be opened and used. Be smart and downsize the number of things you are about to take in your new home. That way you will save more money with movers!

One month before moving out

It is time for packing your stuff! Start packing the lesser used items you will take with you. Don’t forget to label each box on all sides in order to make unpacking easier later on. You can even label each bow with the room it goes to for even easier move. Officially change your address for all subscriptions, bills and mail.

One week before moving out

Use the final week to defrost the freezer, pack the final items left (take anything valuable with you and don’t leave it in the moving truck). And, of course, do a final big clean to get your deposit back and to leave the house in good condition. Try to not pay attention to the details that are hard to see and focus on the main things like ceiling, furniture and kitchen appliances (if you leave some, or it is not your own), floor, carpet, etc. If you just don’t have the time and the energy to do all these stuff, then be sure to hire a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning company or one-off cleaning team to take care of the last details.