Vacuuming is certainly not one of your favourite things to do but it is certainly one of the basic and most important aspects of the proper cleaning and maintenance of your home. Professionals recommend having a good vacuuming schedule that you follow on a weekly basis. Another aspect cleaning experts pay attention to is that vacuuming under the furniture pieces such as beds, chairs, and tables should not be skipped. This is why the first thing you need to do before you start vacuuming the house is removing all the items and things on the floor and checking for forgotten staff under the bed, the sofa, etc. Make sure to continue reading this article and discover which are the most common mistakes you do when using the hoover and how to adopt some great vacuuming habits and practices.

Start with vacuuming furniture pieces

The effective vacuuming of the house consists of a very specific strategy and order. Start with vacuuming the front doormat and continue making your way with the hoover with the mouldings, window blinds, furniture piece in the living room and the bedrooms. In order to make sure that all the dust and dirt are effectively removed from all sorts of upholstered furniture pieces, make sure to invest in a vacuuming machine that has a washing set. Such an equipment will help you have a fresh and clean upholstery anytime without the need of a professional upholstery cleaning service. Once you are done with all these places, this is the right time to continue with vacuuming the floor. Make sure to pay a special attention to all areas under the furniture – under the bed, the sofa, the table, etc. In case you are growing plants at home, make sure to vacuum around the pots too. The nooks and corners of the home, especially the hard to reach ones, are usually pretty neglected and this is where the most of the dust and dirt goes. Make sure you are not skipping these areas.

The right vacuuming direction

Another very common mistake many people do when vacuuming is starting from the centre of the room and working their way to the outskirts perimeter. Vacuuming in one direction can be considered as a mistake too because it is not efficient enough and it cannot remove all the trapped into the fibres of the carpet dust and dirt. The most effective vacuuming practice requires a consistent movement in opposite directions. A bit more time- and energy-consuming but the cleaning professionals recommend you to start with a horizontal vacuuming of the floor in two directions and continue with vacuuming from top to bottom and vice versa. This is the best method that guarantees the full removal of all dirt and dust particles. Start vacuuming the room from the corner that is the most remote from the door. Then work your way to the entrance of the room.

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