If you own a steam cleaner, then most probably you are enjoying using it for cleaning your tile flooring to perfection and getting all the dirt out of your grout. But you are probably not having an idea, that a steam cleaner can be used in many more ways than just for floor cleaning, what it is actually designed for. It can be super helpful in thousand-and-one house cleaning tasks and chores. And if you still don’t own one, then maybe it is time to think about purchasing one, because it is a really good investment. We hope that this article will help you see and understand how a steam cleaner can do wonders when it comes to the entire house cleaning. Here is a quality brand you can have a look at.

Now, the point of today’s article is not trying to sell you a steam cleaner, but help you use this machine in many different ways and for many different purposes, if you already have one, or you are planning to buy one. But before getting into more details, let us share with you what you have to be cautious for when working with a steam cleaner:

  • Do not use a steam cleaner on painted walls, waxed and polished surfaces, unfinished wooden floors, nylon mesh screens, antiques
  • Don’t linger too long on wood or painted and stained surfaces
  • Use a steam cleaner on polyurethane-finished wood only
  • Use distillated water for your steam cleaner

So here are 30 ways to use your steam cleaner:

  • For tile and grout
  • Dust your ceiling fan – Use the long arm attachment to access high areas without dragging the heavy ladder
  • Disinfect doorknobs and light switches
  • Clean greasy, dirty grills – Steam is great for loosen the old grease
  • Patio and garden furniture – you can use the steam cleaner for upholstered outdoor furniture and umbrellas too
  • Disinfect wire pet cages – Much easier than rinsing them with the hose!
  • Take care of the entire kitchen – from the kitchen appliances to worktops and floor, your steam cleaner will take care of everything in the kitchen… and in your bathroom too!
  • For the car engine and tires
  • Dust the baseboards
  • Disinfecting toilets and the surrounding area
  • Remove hard water residue and limescale from faucets
  • Instead of ironing your clothes – get rid of all the wrinkles
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Disinfect children’s toys
  • Take care of high chairs, car seats, strollers
  • Car upholstery can look like brand new
  • The inside of your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
  • Disinfect garbage cans and trash cans
  • Remove old wallpaper – easy like a piece of cake!
  • Remove wrinkles from curtains
  • Remove dirt from corners, nooks, cracks and creases – your steam cleaner has an access to everything!
  • Window cleaning
  • Defrosting your freezer
  • Remove stains from upholstery
  • Make the oven sparkling clean
  • Dust faux plants
  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • For the garden tools
  • For the ice and water dispenser
  • Disinfect pet beds

Maybe you have tried your steam cleaner another way and it has worked? Be sure to share your experience!