Accidents happen and stains can turn out to appear everywhere in the house, especially often on the expensive sofa or those heavy curtains that are hard to wash. You are very familiar with this situation if you have young children and pets at home. There is nothing to do with that, stubborn stains and spills will still appear all the time and this is how a life of a household is. Of course, there is what to do about removing these. However, many people don’t have the needed knowledge and skills, neither the right tools and products to deal with stubborn stains with more complex character. And as this is not enough, upholstery cleaning is not the easiest thing in the world in terms of finding an efficient and powerful strategy and products and yet being gentle to the fabrics and their pretentious character. In the worst situation, you may end up wasting your time without the needed result and even causing issues on your expensive upholstered pieces, carpets, rugs, mattresses.

Hiring a professional help is always a good solution, because professional upholstery cleaning and stain removal services come with attention to details, gentle and effective approach, additional protection and timely manner. However, you have to be aware of the products used. There are so many different upholstery cleaning companies in the branch and equally many different approaches and cleaning products used. The main amount of these cleaning products can actually be very dangerous and create an unhealthy and unsafe indoor environment and air. The same goes for the most of the products you can buy from your local department store and supermarket.

Upholstery cleaners may contain carcinogens that are toxic to the central nervous system and also ethanol, ammonia and detergents that can be dangerous for your health. You can make your own upholstery cleaner with natural and safe products by mixing liquid castile soap and water. If you have to add additional protection to leather furniture pieces, you can use home-made leather protector by mixing beeswax and safflower oil, almond, walnut or olive oil, or food grade mineral oil. After you microwave the mixture for a minute and the beeswax melt, and while the mixture is still warm you can accurately rub it into the leather and then use a hair dryer to dry it out.

Stain are easy to remove from fabrics and upholstery by making this home-made cleaning product from ammonia, white vinegar, baking soda, liquid castile soap and water. Alternatively, you can mix borax and cold water and directly remove stains and spots. Never forget that your safety and health are more important than any feature of your home. Everyone enjoys a clean and spotless house and workplace, everyone loves extremely clean furniture, rugs and carpets, runners, mats, mattresses and curtains, but it doesn’t worth the risk of using heavy toxic products at all. Try and reduce the usage of such products as much as you can and substitute them with natural and safer options.