Have you ever wondered how the residential carpet cleaning professionals manage to bring your carpet back to life and bring back its initial beauty and freshness? Have you ever wondered how the commercial carpet cleaning professionals manage to get rid of all the stubborn and annoying stains that seemed to be permanent and stay there for a while? Well, today we are going to reveal the best-kept secret of the carpet cleaning professionals, so stay tuned if you are intrigued!

Carpets are great flooring choice for so many reasons, but they also get dirty easily, especially if they are placed in houses with young kids and pets, or at busy areas with a lot of high traffic and everyday use. Therefore, proper carpet cleaning has to be your number one priority when it comes to maintaining your carpet and prolonging its life. As you may know, vacuuming is simply not enough for achieving that extra cleanliness and freshness and adding extra protection to the soft texture of the carpet, although vacuuming is pretty essential and the main part of the whole process. Well, what else has to be done? When dirt, debris, bacteria and germs get trapped deep down the fibers of the carpet, vacuuming just don’t have the power to lift these and get rid of them successfully, because of that you have to be aware of all other cleaning methods that you may be in need to do at some point.

Let’s start saying that a professional carpet cleaning service is recommended from once to twice a year, it all depends on the condition and colour of the carpet, the activity and the amount of foot traffic and so on. As you can see, this is not something you are going to purchase every single week, so do not worry about breaking the bank! One of the most popular methods used, especially for commercial carpet cleaning, is known as water extraction or steam cleaning, consists of spraying hot water and cleaning detergent into the carpet, which is next extracted using a powerful wet vacuum that lifts all the dirt and debris and is still gentle to the fibers of the carpet. This one is a great method for removing all the accumulated dust and dirt that are not only on the surface, but deep down and making the whole carpet fresher-looking and feeling.

Another popular method is known as carpet shampooing and it consists of spraying cleaning solution, which is then foamed with a revolving cylindrical brush. The foam is then combed through the carpet and next extracted along with dirt and allergens by a powerful vacuuming machine. There are a few similar to this method like the bonnet method, for example. Still, the remaining effect is the same. For small spots and stains, it may be more economical to clean the area by yourself and do not ask the professionals for help, at least if you know how to treat your carpet and the type of stain, of course. However, larger stains and overall dirty carpets definitely require some help from the professionals.