Rugs require slightly different methods than carpet cleaning. Of course, there are professional rug cleaning services always on hand for you, so you can make sure that your rug is sparkling clean, hygienic and extra healthy. However, as it is with professional upholstery or mattress cleaning, you can hire the service, but you can also try and clean on your own and we guarantee that following our simple and very effective guides will lead to success.

It is a common mistake for many households to treat the rug as they would treat their carpet, but there are some differences that require different methods and approaches. Rugs are often much more delicate than carpets and they do not have to be approached and treated aggressively and intensively. While carpets are designed to survive a high volume of use and foot traffic and still look extra good, do not show much wear and tear and appear pretty clean, rugs are designed for less and they are not that hard-wearing, so you can handle them with care in order to prolong their life.

A special rug cleaner is really not a necessity you have to have always at home since for everyday rug cleaning all you need is a quick vacuum. However, when it comes to thorough and deep cleaning and stain removal, then be sure not to use a carpet cleaner, but the much more delicate rug cleaner. You can also take your time and make this simple and very effective homemade receipt for rug cleaning that consists of warm water, a dash of white vinegar and a drop of laundry detergent. No matter if store-purchased or home-made, always make sure to use the bare minimum, because you do not want your rug extra wet (especially the rug backing) and you do not want to deal with soapy and sticky residue too.

How to clean your rug on a daily basis?

  • Turn the rug upside down and vacuum the backing to loosen any ground in dirt.
  • Turn the rug up and vacuum.
  • Use your hands to manually fluff out the tassels.
  • After vacuuming you can use a soft-bristled brush and slightly go over the rug a couple of times to collect leftover hair and dust.

Furthermore, if you have to deal with more serious dirtiness and stains, first of all always check the label on your rug before putting it through the washing machine or making it completely wet. Woven and braided rugs usually can stand a thorough wash, while there are some very delicate materials that wouldn’t survive a full cycle. You can put your rug in a pillow case or washable cotton bag before putting it into the washing machine to prevent some possible issues.

When it comes to more delicate materials and oriental rugs, you need to be more cautious. You can vacuum these daily, but you have to place a piece of airy fabric over the top of the rug and vacuum with this protection over the top. Try to use only mild, home-made cleaning detergents with natural ingredients for stubborn and serious stains. Sprinkle the rug with baby powder, leave it this way overnight and then vacuum off the next morning to get rid of strong smells.