Carpets are usually that feature of your house that needs frequent cleaning the most. Why? Because carpets attract dust and dirt a lot along with allergens and bacteria. All the accumulated dirt and bacteria are a serious reason for an unhealthy and unsafe indoor environment and lower quality of indoor air. If you don’t want your home to be an unhealthy environment for you and your family (most probably you don’t want that, for sure), then paying attention and taking care of your carpet plays a vital role. But how to take a proper care of your carpet and how to recognise your carpet needs a more in-depth and thorough clean? Here are our expert recommendation and suggestions!

Use this quick quiz to determine if your carpet needs to be precisely steam cleaned and be sure to look for a trustworthy, reliable and experienced carpet cleaning company to take care of your properly and leave it extra clean and free of allergens, dust and dirt buildups and bacteria.

  • Your carpet needs a thorough clean, when it looks dirty, for sure. Appearance is the number one feature that will indicate and make you recognise your carpet needs a bit of professional treatment and extra care. Normally, your everyday cleaning routine and vacuuming are simply not enough for leaving your carpet extra clean. Even when your carpet looks fairly good on the surface, there is a big chance for dirt buildups accumulated in between its fibres.
  • If there are stains on the carpet that are way too stubborn, permanent and you cannot remove them, you better not continuing trying your chances with getting rid of them, because you will most probably end up wasting your time and even worse – ruining your carpet. We recommend you get in touch with professional stain removal company for that peace of mind that your carpet is treated by experienced and knowledgeable experts and you can enjoy impressive final results and a carpet in good condition, flawless look and long-lasting protection added.
  • If there are pets living in your home, the chanced for your carpet to be extra dirty is close to 100%. Dogs and cats walk in dirt and dust and shed dander and all this can get ground into carpets and get accumulated deeply in between the fibres of the carpet, where they are very hard to get rid of. In addition, having pets often means hairs all around the room and especially attracted by the carpet and also funky odours that cannot be neutralised successfully.
  • If you cannot remember when the last time you have cleaned your carpet was (or you haven’t ever cleaned your carpet), then maybe it is about time to take care of it. A clean carpet is required not only for a healthier home and indoor environment but also for your carpet serving you loyally for longer.
  • If your house smells a bit strange and you cannot figure out where the smell is coming from, then maybe it is from your carpet. Have a sniff and take care!