Carpet cleaning is a very important and integral part of the whole seasonal cleaning or deep cleaning process. There is hardly anything as good as a freshly cleaned carpet and the atmosphere of cosiness and tranquillity it can create in a home. Naturally, a carpet will be an element of the interior design that is exposed on a lot of high traffic and use which means that it gets its fair share on dirt and grime, wear and tear. In addition, the specific texture of carpets makes for a very comfortable and cosy floor covering but also a one that collects and traps a lot of dust, allergens, bacteria, and dirt. This is why a clean carpet is way more than simply a clean carpet, it makes the quality of the indoor air better and also minimises the risk of a number of allergies and health conditions.

However, a thorough carpet cleaning is not that easy, to say the least. A quick vacuuming is just not going to do the trick as carpet cleaning requires a lot more intense work and elbow grease. After all, all the energy and time you are going to invest definitely pay it off at the end but planning how you are going to deep clean your carpet and tackling down the chore is still a lot frightening at the beginning. As any other chore around the house, carpet cleaning is a one that requires to be done with the same drive, motivation, and attention to details as anything else you are going to do around the house while performing seasonal cleaning. It may not be the easiest task but it is definitely one that wort it all the way.

Even so, there are still many people that simply prefer to ignore the fact that carpets also do need a deep and thorough cleaning due to a number of reasons – no motivation, no free time, not understanding how the whole process works. On the other side of the spectrum are people desiring to clean their carpet as a DIY project. In order to make sure that your carpet is flawlessly clean, extra fresh with a long-lasting effect, and its good condition is preserved through non-aggressive methods and techniques of cleaning, a professional approach is all you need. Now, let’s get things clear, even as a DIY project, a carpet could be cleaned professionally without a doubt. It all depends on whether or not you are following the expert recommendations and advice strictly. However, the majority of the people will not be able to be that strict and disciplined. This is when a professional carpet cleaning team is coming in handy.

So if it is already time to breath some new life in your old and dirty carpet the following question would be – can I tackle this down all by myself or do I need some professional help?

Steam Cleaning

One of the most popular approaches to carpet cleaning is the so-called steam cleaning. It can be performed both by a professional team you are hiring or by yourself but you still need to hire professional equipment to tackle down the job. In fact, steam cleaning is a professional team for the hot water extraction carpet cleaning technique that is the most recommended one by the professionals. It is mild enough to not ruin your carpet or make it less long-lasting while strong and efficient enough to get rid of all the dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens. The method consists of a professional machine spraying a mixture of carpet cleaning solution and hot water on the surface of the carpet and then quickly removing it along with the extracted dirt and grime. In addition, the cleaning solution if efficient enough to remove stubborn stains too.

Professional Steam Cleaning

Despite the fact that there are enough places you can hire a steam cleaner for your carpet from it is important to explain that the equipment you can hire is actually not as good and as efficient as the true professional carpet steam cleaning machines. The main difference is that professional equipment normally uses a very powerful steam which determines it as a more heavy-duty machine. Despite being more chunky, a professional carpet steam cleaner has enough mobility, so when it is controlled by a professional and experienced member of a cleaning team, you can expect flawless results in a short period and without any fuss and stress.

However, this all does not mean that the smaller steam cleaners available for rent from your local grocery or home improvement store are totally useless. Considering the fact that professional steam cleaning is recommended once a year you can utilize the power of the smaller and easier to use equipment any other time you feel like your carpet needs some refreshment. Removing stubborn stains is also something you can perform on a day-to-day basis around the house.