Carpet and upholstery cleaning are a very important process in general. Both of them, if done properly and on a regular basis will not only enhance the beauty and quality of carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and more but also prolongs their life. Of course, the best care can be provided by the professionals. Ultimately, once or twice every year is the best way you can pamper your carpet, or your sofa, or anything else that needs your attention and care. In addition, when stains appear (because accidents happen to everyone), a professional stain removal service is always recommended over trying to deal yourself with the problem. After all, professionals and experts are trained in the best and most gentle methods and techniques for getting rid of stains and dirt of all sorts.

However, when it comes to commercial, industrial and public sector, carpet and upholstery cleaning are even more important. Considering the heavy footfall, high traffic and huge level of everyday use a carpet or upholstered furniture piece have to deal with, when placed in a busy area, it is easy to understand that wear and tear and other common issues happen faster in that situation. Speaking of schools, colleges and universities, in particular, carpet flooring is always a good flooring option to invest in, however, it requests a bit of specific care and attention in order to look and feel great. Here is what you have to understand and remember when it comes to upholstery and carpet cleaning at school, college or university building:

  • Such institutions like schools, colleges and universities have always been extra clean and well maintained not only to meet all the highest standards but also because of the fact that young children and young people need more than anyone else to spend their days in extra clean and comfortable areas. Of course, maintaining such cleanliness is not the easiest job the in the whole world. The professional and experienced companies achieve that perfect cleanliness thanks to effective and modern carpet cleaning machines and after a lot of training into innovative and time-proven methods. Thanks to the above-mentioned machines and equipment, all of the stubborn stains and dirt from all sorts can be successfully removed and the fibres of such surfaces can be cleaned to perfection. Many machines are working by following the method of hot water extraction and by using specially designed products they are aggressive to dirt, but still very gentle to the soft fibres.
  • Cleaning solutions also need some time to work, especially if you treat really stubborn stains and dirt. One of the bad sides of owning a carpet is the fact that it is really good in attracting and holding on dust and dirt from all sorts. All the accumulated debris is successfully removed thanks to a suctioning process that is designed to reach out even deep into the fibres and get them completely clean. Such great tools and products are designed to weakening the bond between the dirt and the soft surface, without damaging the fibres.
  • Carpet cleaning is definitely not a time-consuming process when the right machines are used. Many machines have multiple heating elements that help a lot in making the whole process faster and more effective.
  • Back to the cleaning process – the usage of greener, safer and healthier products is always highly recommended. When it comes to schools, effectiveness is no more the most important thing and professionals are all about reducing the use of harsh chemicals and products that contain toxic and dangerous ingredients. This is especially important for areas with poor ventilation. Harmful substances are forbidden.