Carpets are usually that controversial feature of any home and workplace. We call them controversial feature because they are beautiful, more affordable and highly functional, but they are also a serious reason for the lower quality of indoor air and unhealthy indoor environment. Where is the problem? Carpets, because of their specific structure made out of fibres, attract and hide a lot of dust, dirt and debris. Even if the surface of the carpet looks fairly clean and there are no visible dirt buildups and stains, your carpet is most probably not clean at all. Dust and debris come along with allergens and bacteria that are the main reason for an unhealthy indoor environment and provoke a number of allergies, conditions and irritations.

In fact, your carpet is keeping dirty secrets from you, but if you have reliable carpet cleaning professionals to help you out with advice and recommendations, you can easily determine the condition of your carpet, clean it properly, take the needed care for your rugs, also, and ensure additional protection and preservation of colors, textures, patterns and overall condition.

Here are the five dirty secrets most of the carpets are keeping from their owners:

  • A carpet that appears visually clear can hide as much dirt and dust as a pound of dirt per square yard! Yes, this fact is probably going to surprise you a lot, however, it is totally true! Because of the specific structure of the carpet and the thousands of fibres, it is constructed of, carpets are a true magnet for dust and dirt that they hide deep in between these fibres, which make them practically invisible on the surface. However, the good appearance of your carpet doesn’t always mean that it is extra clean and dust-free, because of that hiring the professionals to inspect your soft flooring every now and then and recommend a professional cleaning system. The most common cleaning systems used include the hot water extraction method that is very suitable for rugs, curtain maintenance and taking care of upholstery too.
  • The carpet in your home could be seven times dirtier than a city street! The dirt and debris entering your house can cause a serious pollution that once trapped and collected in between the fibres of the carpet can put your health at risk.
  • More than 2000 dust mites can live in one ounce of carpet dust. This leads to poor quality of the indoor environment condition and pretty much requires professional, in-depth carpet cleaning with urgency.
  • Up to 80% of the dirt in your home enters it through the door on people’s feet. The best way to reduce the amount of dirt and debris entering is by placing mats on both sides of the entrance door. Another good solution is setting the golden rule not to wear shoes inside the house. At first, it may seem like a hard thing to get used to, but once you experience the comfort of wearing fluffy and cosy slippers, you will never go back.
  • Some of the most common allergens can be hidden in your carpet. They also will provoke different conditions and allergies. Dust, itself, is one of the most common allergens many people suffer from.